Flight iPower Motor GM5208-12 AS5048A encoder pinout

I have this board which has an AS5048 chip on it.

The board came with a Flight iPower Motor GM5208-12 motor and has absolutely no documentation. Does anyone have this particular board and know the pinout?

I almost bought this yesterday, it’s in my basket:

Hmm I thought it was the pinout.

Yeah, that’s what I have

The colors and order on that diagram don’t really seem to match the cable. Could probably beep out the chip->connectors but this can be error prone and we shouldn’t have to do that :frowning:

A multimeter and the datasheet of the AS5048 should be your friend here.

This question has come up in the past:

Perhaps the answer is in those posts?

A multimeter and the datasheet of the AS5048 should be your friend here.

That can be error prone. I’ll do it if I have to but I’d prefer to have at least some corroperating data.

If you look at the PCB, there are just two caps on it, which are required for the power supply of the chip. The rest are then 1:1 connections, which are easy to measure. Slightly more tricky could be to determine if the board is wired fir 5 or 3.3V. The chip supports both but wiring is different. So, the risk is very limited.

It appears from this link: (AS5048A Magnetic Encoder) that iFlight makes the SPI cable to be connected to SBGC v3.6 gimbal controller. Based on the wire colors and comparing the pinout of AS5048A to that of the SBGC v3.6, it turns out that: GND=white, 5V=red, MISO=green, MOSI=yellow, SCL=blue, SDA=black. The two terminals of the SPI cable provided by iFlight are not identical: one fits the pinout for AS5048A, the other one the pinout for the SBGC.

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