iPower Motor and SPI Wiring

I am having a hard time finding information anywhere on the web on how to wire the magnetic encoder that I received with my motor from iPower. I have checked the datasheet from AMS, but when I try to follow the traces on the board to the 6 pin connector, I run into a few issues that don’t make sense to me yet. I cannot find a datasheet for this breakout board.

Anyways, I figured someone in here might have already solved this and be able to share their wisdom and save me the frustration I’m facing.

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AS5048A/B Datasheet

Your issue is that this is a non standard breakout board that is undocumented. A bit of a challenge but easily solved with a multimeter.

Do you know whether you have the A or B variant? I’m guessing A as there are 6 wires which matches what you’d expect fir SPI but it’s worth checking whether you can read what is written on the main chip.

Assuming A (spi) datasheet then I’d expect your 6 wires to be connected to 1 (chip select), 2 (clock), 3 (master in slave out), 4 (master out slave in), 13 (gnd) and either 11 or 12 for 3.3 or 5v.

First step is to work out which colour matches to which pin. I’d expect the wires to be directly connected to those pins, so switch to ohm-meter and look for zero ohms.

I wonder what the other connector is for? Is it a 4 pin connector or another 6pin?

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Oof, I should have thought of that. On the website I purchased it from they list it as an ‘A’ variant, but the chip itself is marked ‘L’ interestingly. In case anyone else wants to save a few minutes, here’s how mine was wired:

white, pin 1, CSn
red, pin 2, CLK
black, pin 4, MOSI
yellow, pin 3, MISO
green, pin 11, VDD5V
purple, pin 13, GND

Thanks Owen!

Can’t believe green and purple are 5V and GND! LOL. Good luck.

I hope this help,