can simple FOC control pmsm servo motor??

hello everyone, can simple foc control pmsm servo motor with encoder?? 46volts or more, as well as 5-20amps. by using drv8302 as well as multiple mosfet, is that possible?? please provide input and suggestions, thank you all, I’m just trying to learn FOC🙏 sample images and sweeteners. images (1)

If you can interface the encoder on the motor with simplefoc it’s doable, (or replace with amt or as5048)
I’m in the process of building a board 230v AC input and max 20 amp. For this kind of motor, i have some that have a 5v incremental encoder and some that have a 12bit SSI encoder.
The picture you sent looks like a fanuc servo motor, i don’t know what kind of encoder it has.

Development on my board is a bit slow at the moment because i have some renovation to do in my flat but I think I can start to work in a week or too on this again.

If you want a ready solution the odrive 56v could be a option. Or a VESC.

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yes sir i have ac servo fanuc 126v sir, with encorder output 3 phase ABZ. with 5v power. is it possible to use drv8302 for power supply and simple foc for control?? for simple foc, is it possible to set the current limit, sir? I want to combine the vesc version of the drv8302 driver, with simple foc sir. because in my country vesc is very so expensive sir😢. i want to make a cheap version for personal, with simple foc, driver drv8302, and for mosfet i will use irf3205 sir.IMG_20210908_115156

You can drive it with drv8302 but you won’t get good performance. You’d need to run it at the rated voltage# which drv can’t do.

Do u have recomended ic druver mosfet and mosfet for drive my ac servo sir??

120V is quite high compared to what most people are using. Most SimpleFOC boards I have seen are lower voltage.

There are some guys in the forum who have been working on a IGBT based design:

There are quite a few drivers for higher voltage applications:;120

Most of them should work just fine with simpleFOC.

In terms of FETs, the irf3205 is only good for 55V, so you’ll need to find higher voltage FETs. 120V x 20A is quite a bit of power… I think your design will have to pay attention to more things than the lower powered SimpleFOC boards. The application notes from TI and STM for their evaluation boards will be very useful resources to get ideas for protection features.

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Thanks you so much for your information sir. I have think if posible on vesc with drv8302 change to higger ic driver like you recomended. But i think konfiguration shouldbe change sir.

Can u let me know what ic drivr mosft do u use,?? For handle 230v ??

@Arta_botak333 I’m using a igbt module from onsemi Wich has 6 IGBTs and the driver circuit integrated in one package.(something similar to this: )