IGBT driver dev board

Hi all,

I just finished assembly of my IGBT driver board with FNB43060T2 that I plan to use with some 80v BLDC motors I have. Obviously I’m looking to use FOC for the switching, hopefully around 16khz or 18Khz switching.

It’s not tested yet, just come out of the reflow oven… I would add some photos but it gives me some weird error that it could not convert from png to jpeg… my photos are jpg anyway…

Just see it assembled in the video:

I’ll make sure to be filming when I give it some power, in case it explodes :sweat_smile:


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:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

You need an infinity stone on that heatsink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Thanos what size capacitor did you use on the DC bus?

That looks like a Cornell Dubilier 470uf / 250V


So i think I’m a little bit under dimensiond🤣, i planned to have 0.2uf 600v on my PCB. But I’m hoping a good DC power supply should also have decent output capacitors so i think I’m fine. Also for ac i need a separate rectifier board, so i can add capacitance there if i need more.

You can get this one 560UF 500V for about $12


That was reinpurpused heatsink from another project, but the mounting drills were close enough. I would put a mind stone, but you know how hard is to get one :sweat_smile:

That is a 470uF 160v, but I also got some 470uF 250v to use for AC rectifier bridge later…IMG_20210729_122504