3x BTS7960 design for BLDC

This is a scheme of a common module with 2x BTS7960.

Who can help to add third BTS7960 to obtain 3phase?
As I understand it is possible to use ESP32 or Arduino directly instead U1 on this scheme like here:

I believe you are looking for this:


Thanks, but not what I want exactly.
That solution it seems to me is quite expencive.

I have tried with two BTS7960 modules and the result was ok for me.
Now I would like to combine that two modules in one and integrate ESP32 to this PCB.

I have found something similar as I think.

Or this one

This one is what I want

Buying two of these and an esp32 is still more expensive than manufacturing a board, I believe. YMMV

How do you think this will work?

Im trying to make a simple driver like this

Your schematics the way you got it will work in a degraded mode.

Your slew rate resistors are 510 ohm? That’s either too low if you need to control the slew rate, or too high if you meant no slew rate.

Your low side current sense outputs are grouped into one, that makes no sense (pun intended). Also that resistor between IS and GND is also meaningless, without a filter RC capacitor.

Your VS resistors are 470n, that is meaningless. You need a snubber and a massive bulk capacitor.

You have no capacitors on the output.

It may be helpful to please read the documentation.


Valentine, thanks for your answer!
But Im not a pcb specialist. I can only order pcba or pcb and manually assemble it.
I have found a simple and not expensive driver, as I see.