Running Gate Drivers with Two Input Signals (Phase and Brake)

Hello Everyone,
Before anything, thank you for all the support and efforts the community has put into this. It has surely demystified the FOC control for all of us.
I’m coming across gate drivers that require two input signals that are being used in an AND logic to control the high-side and low-side. Essentially needing both the input signals simultaneously to drive one of the switches. I’m including a screenshot of a Truth table of one such driver (L6393) for reference. While I am able to understand the control logic, how do I modify the SimpleFOC (BLDCDriver6PWM driver) function to accommodate such drivers.

From what I have understood, we can use gate drivers like the L6387 (used in the B-G431B-ESC1) easily with SimpleFOC. Included is also the logic input for the L6387 for reference.

Any ideas on how to run drivers like the L6393? Thanks a bunch.


I would first try this:

Use 3-PWM mode on the PHASE inputs, and use the BRAKE input as the enable signal. Or you could try the other way round, using 3-PWM on BRAKE and PHASE on enable.

The BLDCDriver3PWM has a constructor that takes 3 pwm and 3 enable pins.

May I ask why do this, and not just use a “more normal” BLDC or half-bridge driver?

Hi @runger ,
That’s a good idea. will try it out and let you know.
I do want to go the “normal” route. But as I’m looking for gate drivers, I’m noticing many of the normal gate drivers going obsolete and the new Phase/Brake drivers are being promoted. For example, the L6387 in the B-G431B-ESC1 would have been great (but discontinued by ST).
Maybe I’m not looking at the right place…