Itsy bitsy DJI gimbal-style motors

I’m new, yes. Obviously, but I’d love to know where I could source some really small BLDC motors of the size/kind used in your ypical DJI drone gimbal.

Many thanks.

There are people on Aliexpress selling lots of these types of things, including actual spare parts for DJI drones and three-axis assemblies.

A naive question I know, but why have DJI managed to seem to get this so right compared to others? I’ve always wondered this.

You might want to have a look at this thread:

What is “this”? The gimbal type motors?
They also sell in mass quantities so they have leverage to work with custom parts, motors, and can probably restrict the vendors from selling their designs.

That’s most helpful. Thank you.

Without a doubt, they must have some good engineers.

Perhaps competitor products in their market are made by smaller companies that don’t have the funding to do as many custom parts as DJI does, nor to test and optimize their designs as much.

As far as I know, DJI is big enough and specialized enough that they build their own motors to their own specs. That is definitely true for the propeller motors, where DJI has been first with many innovations. Pretty sure that they also do the same for the gimbals.

Also, DJI really invested in the gimbal firmware, was one of the first companies to use encoders in addition to IMUs, etc.