Is it possible to use inverted low input with simple foc?

I have a monowheel for which I am trying to write code. It uses IRS2108 as half-bridge driver. It’s high input is in phase but low input is inverted. Can I use simple foc to control it? How should I set it up? Existing setup with schematics: GitHub - Suresh-Subedi/sologear-g3-15-electric-unicycle: Sologear G3-15 Electric Unicycle reverse engineering to reuse motherboard with custom firmware

I used 6pwm and it just blocks the wheel/ makes the wheel resist when I manually try to turn the wheel.

Hi @Suresh_Subedi ,

Which MCU type are you using? Its a new feature for us, implemented on the dev branch and will be part of the next release. So far, we support it on most STM32 MCUs and the RP2040.

You can set it via the build-flag -DSIMPLEFOC_PWM_LOWSIDE_ACTIVE_HIGH=false

Hi @runger, I’m using STM32F103C8T6.

Ok, that’s great, so you could use the dev branch from GitHub and try it out :slight_smile:

Or you can wait for the next release, then it will be part of the released library…