Integrating NEMA 24 3N.m Closed Loop Stepper Motor with SimpleFOC?

Hello SimpleFOC Community,

I’ve been exploring the NEMA 24 3N.m Closed Loop Stepper Motor & Driver from ThinkRobotics for a project. Before diving in, I wanted to check if anyone here has experience integrating this motor with the SimpleFOC library.

Key Motor & Driver Details:

  • Step Angle: 1.8°
  • Rated Current: 5.0A
  • Rated Voltage: 2.25VDC
  • Holding Torque: 3 N.m
  • Encoder Resolution: 1000 pulse per rotation
  • Driver Features: Position error correction, quick response, automatic current adjustment, over-current and over-voltage protection, pulses response frequency up to 200KHZ, and supports microsteps up to 51200microsteps/rev.

I’m curious about:

  1. Compatibility with SimpleFOC.
  2. Any modifications or configurations needed for optimal performance.
  3. Potential challenges or issues faced during integration.

Any insights, experiences, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and expertise!

It looks like this hardware interface on the low-voltage side is step-dir, so I don’t know if it’s possible to use this for FOC.
Maybe if a schematic is published for this driver, then something could be worked out but it would be quite a challenge still.

I think @Juan-Antonio_Soren_E designed some boards for NEMA 23 (close enough to 24!):

Hi , This is the driver link -HBS57 | Mecheltron GmbH & Co. KG can it run FOC ?

maybe it is FOC, maybe not, I think without the schematic it will be very hard (or at least time consuming) for you to reverse engineer this to upload custom firmware, or maybe not even possible at all without knowing that microcontroller is used.

You can use SimpleFOC to build a board with a µController to replace the blue box driving your motor. I am not sure is it is possible to rum SimpleFOC inside this driver since you need a lot of information about how it is build , the schematic , etc …