Does the STM32F4 support DMA-based ADC reading

Does the STM32F4 support DMA-based ADC reading, and do you have any recommended ways to read ADC values via DMA to align with the PWM signals sent to drive BLDC motors?


Sorry to be so controlversial, but if you know what DMA is, you can probably read the code.
What if I tell you it’s using something even better than DMA ?
What will you do with this information ?

Hey @tumelecza,

At the moment we are not using DMA for ADC readings. We are using an interrupt based method.
It can definitely be integrated, but there is an additional level of complexity that I did not want to add at the point it was implemented :smiley:

However, even though we do not use DMA, the ADC reading is aligned with PWM signal, for LowsideCurrentSense:

As @Candas1 says, could you give us a bit more info about the application, this might help us give you a bit more info and a bit better guidance.

Thank you very much.