B-G431B-ESC1: Beginner guide + I2C guide

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This is how it looks after the (full) modification:

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Nice! I have thought many times that one of the main issues with this board is the lack of SPI. This is a good workaround for now. However at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I wan to say again that the long term solution for such issues is IMO a next gen flagship board such as the QUADVRANS, or the Lepton G4 which is in the works. And by that I mean at least one additional revision after testing or modification of those boards.

This board has many downsides, notably you cannot actually use it in a product for sale. It costs way more to make than they sell it for. It also has some baffling issues with overheating, as well as obvious issues that are described in thread with insufficient pins broken out, very hard to access and so on. Also we don’t really need the ST-link to be built in.

However it’s a good processor and I never had noise issues with it. I did a number of times have it overheat on me when it wasn’t even doing anything, I think that was because of the high density of the board and minor intermittent faults with my soldering due to the very high difficulty of doing it right…

Yet another simple mod of the B-G431B-ESC1: If you need another analog input, you can easily desolder the potentiometer and use the center pin. I do so to attach an NTC for measureing the motor temperature. To desolder the part, simply place a small flat screwdriver between the board and the potentiometer, then desolder the pins step by step while you issue gentle force with the screw driver. Work slow, pull each pin out just a little bit, then the next and so on. After three rounds or so, the potentiometer will fall off.