Angle sensor SPI support / SC60228DC

In light of the ongoing chip shortage I came across


The manufacturer claims the sensor supports SPI and 20k RPM. I’m ordering a few to test.

I do not hope they work “out of the box” however will need support to make them work.

Once I get the boards ordered from JLC I will post details. Below is the board I made. The sensor is really cheap, relatively, at $1.82 per 10 pieces.


$2 per 20k RPM 12bit SPI sensor board is a really good deal I surmise.

I strongly suspect this is a Chinese knock-off of a well known angle sensor however I don’t know which one.

If anyone could recognize the original please let me know.

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That’s so cool! I’ll try these out too!

The document has absolutely no details on how to read the sensor, any ideas?

Let me post / share the board in case you want to try, just a sec. I’ll use the post above.

I actually don’t believe the datasheet contains any details except the one timing diagram, but I think it will be enough… I’ll make a driver for it in the drivers repo.

12 bit really should be enough for many motors :slight_smile: lets see if we can get them working…


That would be really productive. The closest cheap in stock sensor is the MagnTek MT6816CT-AKD costing $6 per chip.

This is the cheapest SPI high RPM angle sensor I’ve encountered so far.

I ordered 5 boards, let’s wait.


:slight_smile: I also just submitted an order - I like mine in a certain shape, and with the JST SH connector…

Let’s see how it goes! In the meantime I will see if I can find more docs on the SPI protocol and write a driver.

Hey and since we ordered within a few hours of one another we can also compare the speed of PCBWay vs JLC… I didn’t rush-order it or anything, just normal.

I ordered the cheapest delivery, so I already know, about end of Feb. This is not anything urgent for me. Plus, they are still out for CNY.

I am more curious about the total door to door cost.

Update on the order

I think it looks like JLC will win this hands down. At PCBWay my order is still under review, meaning they haven’t started at all and I haven’t had a chance to pay.
I guess they’re still partially on New Years break…

Today’s update

Cool, is that like a stock image or is that someone working on your PCB?

I’ll send an update as soon as PCBWay actually start working on mine. :rofl:

No, but they got back to me with the parts quotation today, and I’ve accepted it, so tomorrow things should start rolling.

I’m quite certain it’s an actual video but not my PCB order. That would be a really nice touch though if they did it. It starts auto-playing when you go to the orders.

Thanks for sharing, I came across this one too.
It could be a nice alternative to AS5600.
Keep us informed if it is working smoothly !

Still lagging a bit behind, and now doing something called “Double Drilling” which I haven’t seen before…

This is a very professional forum so I’ll keep my jokes to myself.

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On a side note… Do you think this encoder will be able control a 50 pole stepper? From my understanding having 80 positions per pole should be plenty? I suppose the question is if sensor accuracy is good enough? Planning to start designing my own board to be manufactured by JLCPCB this week.