Xiaomi Cyber dog geared motor ~$60

This may be a potentially interesting geared motor.

From the Xiaomi surveillance device cute robot dog



That looks like a very good price for a qdd motor… thanks for sharing!


Where do they sell those motors?


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I haven’t tried to buy one (yet)

It may be China only shipping for now? https://www.mi.com/shop/buy/detail?product_id=19086

The complete dog is available on Aliexpress, so they may show up there in time.

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Ooh! I want that motor. It looks very nice to play around with for slow speed applications.

There is electronics inside the motor. Just wondering if it’s only position sensor or power stage, too?
Then there is the CAN interface, we have no idea about their protocol.
If we can make it run with sFOC and a generic powerstage, it’s a winner for that price.
But planetary gears aren’t good enough for real robotic stuff. Too much backlash.

Anyway there are some cool things it could do…

There are chinese agencies helping foreign customers to ship goods around the world, when they are for chinese customers only.
Maybe a group buy would make it cheap enough for each of us?

Not quite true! There are a lot of robotics applications where planetary gears shine :slight_smile: most of which torque transparency is needed and huge precision is not necessary

Yeah, I should row back from my strict statement. in many occasions, where gravity takes care of backlash, they are perfect.
I also made some experiments with bevelled gears for planetary gearboxes, but the gear-library wasn’t suited for such a use case.

With a weight of only 300+grams the Xiaomi motor housing might be made of plastic?
Wondering how good cooling works

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