What wrong with my setup for foc stepper? L298n ardino uno as5600

Iam trying to run the stepper with foc but stepper only shakking, cannot turn, i suplay with 12v 2A, and the l298n very hot, i using nema 17. Encorder as5600. Iam try to run the stepper with external code only for testing the stepper but same only shaking, i change the stepper still same. But when i use a4988 are good. It posible simple foc using step and dir??
And also when i check the pole pair error with target volt 4, but itrying to change to 12v they said to high.

Are you sure the stepper is wire correctly for your driver? There is no standard pinout for stepper connectors. What board are you using? You can check the schematic if the connector should be ABAB or AABB for the winding pairs.

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For my stepper winding is AABB but i confiused on the code, i put in1 pin 5 in2 pin 6, in3 pin 9, in4 pin 10. I used l298n.

Can you share the board you are using and the code from your project?

Iam using the board l298n, code from example FOC full control serial

Hi @Arta_botak333 ,

When sharing code, please copy and paste the text and use the “code” formatting button:

This will make it much easier to help you than trying to read blurry screen-shots.

For the Stepper library, I am not sure if people here can help you. I assume this library has its own forums.

But the fact that both this library and SimpleFOC give you bad results may indicate that the problem is on the hardware side, rather than in the software?

Yes sie, for now i can run stepper with simple foc. I used that code to check the stepper or driver are broken, after i change driver ok work well. But for now i used angle control from example foc. But when i send command T90 the motor only move a litle bit not 90deg. What wrong sir? But when i chek pp number are good get the 50pp