What wrong with my hardware stepper motor + as5600 + arduino + l298n

Hi i test the stepper motor with the configurasi standar from library, but the motor only shaking a litle bit, when i put value for angle i try 90 and 1000 same error. I font lnow what wrong. I can turn the stepper but the stepper hold on my turn not go back to the angle.
My motor nema 17 1.8ded 200step.

Hi there,

What command exactly do you send to the serial?

I just write 90 or 1000 sir and enter.

In your code, go to line where you put commander.add function and check the character you put there.
For example with a line like this:

  // add target command T
  command.add('T', doTarget, "target angle");

Then to set the target angle, you type “T90” to set the angle. If you type just the number, it has no idea what parameter you are addressing.

Here is more information on this interface:


Aaaahh i think just write the number, and one more the l298n very hot iam suplay 12v 2A. And the motor only shaking not run, i trying to run with a simple code but same only shaking what wrong sir?