Very new to this, will this sensor+controller+motor combination work?


I am want to try to build self balancing cube like this: . Does this combination work:
Driver: B-G431B-ESC1 (from mouser, cannot put more than 2 links)
T-Motor GB2208 Gimbal Motor
I am going to use arduino with this.

Or should I try to find Nidec 24H brushless motors and components like in the video?

Hi @Skregsonas , welcome to SimpleFOC!

ReM-RC has some really wonderful projects, this is another very nice one!

In principle the combination you mention will work, but it is very difficult to interface the SPI sensors with the B-G431-ESC. It requires some modifications to the PCB, which is very tiny.

You may find it easier to use some other small driver, like the SimpleFOCMini for example, in combination with a MCU (we support many kinds).

I don’t think the SPI interface is needed here. If ABI is an option, the sensor and board are a good choice. Both support ABI for the encoder. However, it is a bit delicate to solder the connections on the ESC1 and also it has no mounting holes etc.

i was looking into SimpleFOC boards, I thought they were out of stock? When searching I found some on ebay, but they are only from china (will take so long to get to me…). What other option would be better and possible to get in europe for shorter shipping time? or there are no other option?
For an MCU any arduino should work if I understand corectly?

Indeed, you are right, I am sorry for this!

There are several driver boards available, it depends on the price point and application you have in mind. Searching our forum here should find you quite a few suggestions. As Grizzly has pointed out, with ABZ sensor input the B-G431-ESC1 can work, and ST-Micro and TI also have some other motor boards available.

Yes, many Arduino and Arduino compatible boards are supported. You can check our docs, or ask here about a specific board if in doubt.

an interesting and cheap option is a bunch of darlington transistors, it can be quickly and cheaply obtained too. You can get ones that can do 5 amps, supposedly, no prob. They connect directly to the arduino. You might want to consider a raspberry pi pico running arduino, they generally work very nicely and imo are a better idea than an arduino nano, and they are much much faster. I have never used one with arduino but it is well supported and good stuff.

You’re going to need a separate g431-esc1 board for each motor if you go that route, which could get expensive.

I have bought 10 of these g431-esc1 boards now and I have had 2 that had overheating problems. It wasn’t my code. One got so hot it was useless, it would shut down periodically. Exactly the same arduino code.

Even the best ones still get up to 55 degrees even when the motor isn’t even attached, we have puzzled over this in another thread and never really figured out why but it doesn’t seem to be a problem, except some of them really do get too hot.

The encoder is not trivial, these magnetic ones you need to use the calibration routine and get the wiring right and so on. I have used motors very similar to those nidec ones and it’s probably a better idea because they have the encoder built in. If you use a gimbal motor, unless it has a built in angle sensor it’s going to be more complicated. Those nidec ones work pretty well.