Using TMC2130 as a driver?

Has anyone considered adding support for the TMC2130 driver? Someone in the Klipper community noticed that it’s possible to directly control the driver’s output coil currents using SPI and the XDIRECT register. These are pretty common drivers in the 3d printing community.

Hello @kerinin

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The short answer is no, the library currently does not support SPI as a means to directly control a particular driver. That would be a completely custom effort, only for that chip. I believe others could be more knowledgeable and give you a longer answer as to why not.

There was a thread recently where I tested DRV8412, which is a very similar driver to TMC2130 as far as capabilities and it is fully supported by SimpleFOC. I’m currently building a fully integrated driver board based on it, if you are willing to wait.