Using B-G431B-ESC1 with a hoverboard power supply


I programmed the B-G431B-ESC1 with platformio successfully but after programming I connected it to 36V power supply. I saw a small spark and after that it does not work, The daughterboard works but the main board doesnt, I also cannot see any part that has been burnt, How do I go about it? which part needs to be replaced


Hi! It’s possible the main board has been damaged by applying too much voltage. The B-G431 is only rated to about 24V or so.

Ups, sorry to hear that. 36V is really a lot too much for that board. I destroyed a few myself and in most cases the Shottky diode in the 10V buck converter was blown (D7?). I never replaced it, so I am not sure if that was the only thing. All boards are still usable with USB power and everything except for the high power part works fine (as far as I tested it).


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Unfortunately the board is not well documented wrt input voltage, it only says 3S to 6S, which translates to about 12V to 24V. You have most probably blown the step-down regulator, the transil, and may be the buffer capacitors. I would not try and fix/desolder/solder components on that board, it’s impractical, as the damage could be all the way to the MCU. Better get a new board. This may not be what you want to hear.

You have probably blown the Aux power supply.

ST removed the schematics diagrams from the documentation, however, I still keep them and posting them here for your reference.

If you are using it for hoverboards, you must take care of the cooling, the board will overheat and blow up if you don’t. I believe this board is underpowered for hoverboards anyway.


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@Valentine Thank you for the response and support. True, it is not mentioned clearly in the documentation and I wasn’t able to find the schematics as well, thank you for sharing it, it is really helpful. And yes the Aux power supply is blown as there is a short between +V and -V, the rest of the parts seem to be fine. The MOSFETs are rated at 60V, and 120A so I thought there might be some tolerance levels but they need to mention the Input parameters clearly.

Hoverboard:- Yes I was wondering how the heat sinks are not there on the board and all the tutorials I watched they did not have heat sinks attached, so thanks for sharing this information.

@Grizzly thanks for the response and support. All boards are still usable with USB power - Do you mean you were able to test the code on the motors?

What I meant is that I can use the boards for anything which does not involve the power stage. In other words, I cannot drive any motors, but I can run other code. One for example I am right now using as a sniffer on my CAN bus for debuging.