Understanding of FOC Vd, Vq

I think i am slowly able to understand the logic of FOC, if someone can confirm my understanding is correct then i can be more confident
For example
if Vd=3V, Vq = 5V; then the voltage = Sqrt(Vd^2 + Vq^2) = Sqrt(3^2 + 5^2) = 5.83V
is the line voltage hence the phase voltage is = 3.36V (5.83 / sqrt3) and if the phase resistance is
0.57 Ohms then the phase currents flowing will be 3.36/0.57 = 5.9 Amps. Is my understanding correct? Please advise.

I think there are some mistakes i have not considered the back emf and the inductance of the motor and hence that much phase current will not flow. I need to now find out how much current will flow.