Unable to Run the High Spec Motor on DRV8302 Board

Hello Simple FOC Community,

I came across a strange problem that needs a bit of advice on how to resolve it. The hardware setup that I am using is a DRV8302 power driving board connected with an ESP32 microcontroller. First I was using a 52 W 4pp BLDC (Hall sensors) motor running at 24 volts. The motor was working perfectly but it had a low torque of 0.125Nm.

I change the motor to FlipSky 5065, 1500 W 7pp (Hall Sensor) BLDC motor and tried to run that BLDC motor on the same hardware. According to motor specification, it can be run at (11.1- 29.6 V). Now by changing the motor, I am unable to move this motor. I changed all the parameters in the software, i.e. pp value and the Hall sensor is working fine as well. I am running the motor at torque control and whenever I give any voltage value the motor move a bit and start a humming noise. Even during the pole pair search it doesn’t move smoothly and always gives different pp values.

Can someone advise me on how can I make this motor run?

Many thanks,

Strange thing, when I change the pp from 7 to 4. \the motor started to spin and at 7 it means still. Could it be due to Hall sensors?

Hmm thats strange. It should have 7pp so that parameter should be provided to the BLDCMotor class and the HallSensor class.

The issue is with the hall sensor when moving in the CW direction, I found out that there was a continuous toggle of the direction also there was so much noise while the motor is rotating.