Torque Parameter Definition

In the reference source code i saw the following
The MaxPositive torque is initialized with maximum Iq current. So my question is whether Torque equal to Iq current (T = Iq) or it is equal to some constant times the Iq current (T=K*Iq). Please help.

I don’t want to be a downer/negative but this is pretty easy to find if you are looking for FOC theory which gives the feeling that you didn’t really look for an answer before asking. If you did try to find the answer referencing what you did (such as “I already looked at resource X and googled with search term Y”) can help, both by telling people what you already tried so they don’t tell you to do what you have already done and by making it clear that you’ve already put in some effort yourself.

Now to answer your actual question, as the docs on torque control say:

And here they mean Iq with I as they are talking about the situation where the two fields are kept at 90 degrees to eachother by software.

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Sorry I will be careful from next time.

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This is the reference documentation i have and i am understanding
STM32F PMSM single/dual FOC SDK v4.3
on page 29, the torque equation is given as
p is the number of poles, which we can know from the motor, i am confused with the Flux (Phi_m), how do i get that value is it constant? Please advise, the subject of motor control is really huge and very confusing. I did some study on the flux but could not understand how to calculate it.