The hoverboard motors are not moving forward properly and the motors sound are very noisy


I am currently working on an RC car robot that utilizes hoverboard motors. Most aspects of the project are functioning properly, but I am encountering an issue with the direction control. When I send a forward signal, the robot tends to steer slightly due to the left motor running faster than the right motor.

Initially, I suspected that the right motor was faulty. However, even after replacing it with another motor, the problem persisted. Additionally, the right motor seems to produce a noisy sound

The driver for the motors is controlled using Arduino (using USART) , utilizing joysticks for input. I am wondering if updating the firmware in the driver could potentially resolve the issue with the directional control or the problem is just in the driver hardware

so, can anyone help in this problem?

Thank you.

Are you using simple FOC with closed loop ?

Bit odd that only one motor is having problems. What happens if you swap the motors around?

If this is an Arduino Uno and you are doing USART for joystick commands AND doing SimpleFOC maths, sensor reads, etc then the USART could mess up the control loop - is your baud rate 115200 or greater? Do you get the same problems when you remove USART?

Yes i’m using FOC , USART, closed loop

When i swapped the motors, the problem switched to the left motor and the noisy turned to the other motor. I suspect that the issue lies with the driver but i’m uncertain if that is the correct diagnosis

Yes i’m using arduino mega with the basic firmware of the USART with 115200 baud rate

I tried pwm signal but still the same issue

Can you try ut without any serial at all (disconnect joystick). Those joysticks send a lot of serial. Upload some code with constant velocity.