Teensy compilaiton in Github CI Action

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if there are some of you that have tried setting up a Github action that would compile an Arduino code for teensy.
I’d like to include it for the simplefoc library, since we’ve had some recent issues that could have been avoided if we would have more comprehensive testing for all the teensy versions.

I was not able to find anything online, if you guys have some ideas, let us know.

On the official teensy website there is a code that shows the command line instructions to install it with Ubuntu:

wget https://downloads.arduino.cc/arduino-1.8.15-linux64.tar.xz
wget https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_154/TeensyduinoInstall.linux64
wget https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/00-teensy.rules
sudo cp 00-teensy.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
tar -xf arduino-1.8.15-linux64.tar.xz
chmod 755 TeensyduinoInstall.linux64
./TeensyduinoInstall.linux64 --dir=arduino-1.8.15
cd arduino-1.8.15/hardware/teensy/avr/cores/teensy4

Do you guys have any ideas what would be the best way to integrate this?

  • Should we download Arduino IDE like in the code above
  • Or many platformio, would it be easier
  • Maybe there are some other ways?



I might missunderstand the question, but this is what was done in the repository I was contibuting to.

So it’s just compiling with platformio, the target doesn’t matter. Would that work ?

This might be the solution, thanks!

But teensy boards require an additional driver install, which was so far not available through Arduino library manger ( I’m not sure about platformi.o)

Just pasting some links so that I dont forget:



Hey guys,

So we finally have the teensy integration with the github CI. From now on, we should not have that much compilation issues :smiley:

At the end I’ve used platformio to set it up, similar to your solution @Candas1. It was actually very simple.
Here is the workflow file.