TDK invensense model selection

I want to use TDK invensense’s IMU sensor on gimbal,
But I can’t understand the performance indicators in the document.
I should choose how to select the IMU model.
Thanks, guys

Welcome @Leonardo_Rui!

Without knowing a bit more about your gimbal its hard for people to give you advice…

Probably most IMUs will be suitable, but here are some pointers for some things to think about:

  • are you looking for a chip or a breakout board? What size will fit your design?
  • what pins/interfaces are available on your MCU? Typically IMUs will “speak” I2C or SPI, where SPI is typically much faster
  • does the IMU have Arduino support? (i.e. an easy to use library)
  • these TDK IMUs have many advanced features. I haven’t compared prices, but presumably they come at a cost compared to more basic 6-axis IMUs

If you can describe your gimbal a little more, and define the performance goals, perhaps people can help you calculate wether the precision and speed are sufficient, but my guess would be yes, unless you’re doing something very special…


I used to use MPU-6500, but this chip has been discontinued. So I need to find alternatives.
I can design the PCB by myself, so I will buy the chip directly
And I have to communicate using SPI
I wrote the SPI communication library of TDK invensense myself

I use it on such a miniature gimbal


I don’t know what you think, but from the TDK chips the ICM-20690 looks quite nice. Its designed for image stabilisation applications with a low latency SPI interface for the purpose.