Support for NUCLEO32


Is NUCLEO32 supported officially? It’s a bit confusing because I see a couple of forum post on it, however it’s not in the supported HW list… I tried compiling a very simple SIMPLEFOC project but it failed with a bunch of compiler errors.

Can anyone tell me if this series is supported? Support would be nice since it’s a small form factor an a quite powerful board.


If you want an answer you might want to give more details.
You didn’t even mention which chip/board ?
What featurs your simple project is using ? (current sense ? …)

Well I tried to build the most basic close-loop app (no current sense) with the NUCLEO32-G431KB, and I got a bunch of errors relating to the PID:

You probably messed up the stm32duino variant file?

This is because 9 is an int, not a float, try 9.0

It looks like this

#define P 9

Is defined instead this for example

#define PA9

So P variable is replaced by 9

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I didn’t touch any of these files, if fact I’ve never ever used G431KB in this framework.

I compared this “variant” file with a known working one and the root of the issue here is the highlighted “#define P” line is interfering with some of the PID stuff). Looks like this should have been PF2 or PF3 or something. Where do these “variant” files come from?

Ok, by changing:

#define P 9


#define PB8 9

The build errors went away…

Unfortunately I forgot to check the date on the file before I modified it, but I cant see how I would have modified this file, as I’ve never used a G431KB and just reccently got this board, strange…

Looks like a bug in the variant file…

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