Stspin32g4 faults


I’ve been working with STSPIN32G4 for while with low voltage (9V), it works good

I set 24V and have problems with nFaults, it being set, meaning that driver is turned off, although no fault is indicated, status register: 10001000

I set driver.voltage_limit = 0.5, which i guess is not even enought to move my motor with velocity open loop, it’s just wobbling, when i move it by hand, fault occurs(driver stops), when i set it to higher value faults occurs right after turning on power supply

what can be wrong?

Is it triggering the fault, or is there simply a reset of the MCU due to brown-out (low voltage on the MCU power)?

Can you check the fault output and the different power supplies with the oscilloscope?

How did you configure the power, there are many options for this chip… would you mind sharing a schematic?

black ones are extra 10uF electrolytic capacitors

Vcc=8V DC


VDD = 3,3V DC