Struggling with in-line current sensing

Hello everyone, I’m new to the SimpleFOC universe and I’m exploring it gradually. In the past few days, I’ve implemented the algorithm using voltage mode (without current sensing). However, for the purpose of compensating BEMF and other benefits, I understand that feedback from the motor’s phase currents is necessary. In my case, I’m using the SimpleFOC Mini as a driver, and I was surprised to find that it doesn’t offer low-side current sensing, despite the fact that the DRV8313 chip offers this possibility. Therefore, I want to do in-line current sensing, I understand that I’ll need 2-3 shunt resistors and a amplifier, but I’m concerned if it’s as simple as that! I would really appreciate study materials on this topic, and also (budget) amplifiers IC’s suggestions (I read that they must be biderectional and with high PWM noise rejection).
Thank you in advance for your time,

Found some really good material about current sensing in BLDC motors by STMicroelectronics: