Storm32 BGC input voltage

Hey guys, just one quick question before I am doing something stupid…
I am running 3 Emax Brushless Gimbal Motor GB2210 on the Storm32 BGC, they are rated 3S Lipo.
So a Voltage of in between 11.1 and 12.6V should be fine I guess.
Can I just plug in a 15V PSUP and have Simple FOC set to

driver.voltage_power_supply = 15;
motor.voltage_limit = 12;

Or how does that work…just asking before I break stuff!! :slight_smile:

Just a sec… let me check.

MOSFET is 4407A by Alpha/Omega Max 30V
LDO is NCP1117-33a by OnSemi, Max 20V
Driver is DRV8313 by TI, max 80V

There is some protection but that’s for the low voltage side. Also I see tantalum capacitors, and can’t tell what’s their voltage. Seem like 33uF each. Probably 35V?

Verdict is yes, you can probably go safely up to even 18V, but I’d very strongly recommend that you supply very high quality voltage and add an external 1000uF, minimum 30v rated electrolytic capacitor right at the power board entry. Watch for the polarity! The bigger, the better, but that’s your minimum.

Hey, it’s 6-18V input on the Storm32 boards, so you will be fine with 15V.

Sweet!! Thanks guys!! :blush: