STM32 Duino Board Library 1.9 obsoleted, completely new new 2.0

Just a note, since I am working with STM32, the 1.9 Arduino board libraries were obsoleted a few days ago and you need to pull a different brand new json for the 2.0 library boards, and they re-arranged quite some boards inside. There was a set of instructions about setting up the ST ESC1 install, this would need to change I guess.

Edit: Oh, and the new Cube doesn’t recognize the cheap stlink 2 clones anymore, i guess they are trying to kill the Chinese knockoffs and moving to 3.0.

Edit2: The new json doesn’t include the knockoffs these are the ST boards, if you deal with the pills I guess stay on whatever library you have now.

And 2.0 lib is quite larger. I just cant use C8 alone with i2c sensors.

Right, I’ve been digging through, actually some of the pills are there but rearranged. On the positive side more boards and mcu added and it’s all nicely rearranged. Tempus fugit. YMMV.

I updated recently for the Generic STM32F3 board support. It’s going well so far…

I can now run the STEVAL-GMBL01V1 board very nicely with SimpleFOC. 3 (small) FOC motors from a 5x5cm board - nice!
In a way, it is similar to the Storm32 boards, but with a more powerful MCU and the access to the SPI port without any soldering. On the other hand the STSPIN233 is less powerful than the DRV8313 used on the Storm32, and the GMBL board costs about 3x as much.

I’ll try a few other of my STM based boards over the next few weeks, and report back if anything stops working.

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I’ve added storm32 bgc and b-g431b-esc1 boards to stm32duino 2.0 board manager. I hope to add vesc board too at some point too. It’s taken them a while to get to 2.0 but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

A few years ago doing stm32 and arduino was super difficult - stm really seem to be putting in some effort to get their hundreds of chips and boards support for us to play with without having to resort to their proprietary cube IDE.

They don’t seem to be supporting platformio in the same way yet - which means getting arduino support for a board doesn’t necessarily give you support in platformio (my preferred IDE).

I totally saw your commits for those, and was in the process of copying you for the GMBL board… then the 2.0 version came out in the middle of that, and added support for a “Generic F303 board”, and lo and behold the GMBL worked out of the box with that one.
So I abandoned my board description efforts…

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Hi @Valentine I am having problems try to upload my code and I remembered this thread . Do you know how it can be solved. Who I try to upload my code using CubeIDE i got this :

Error in final launch sequence:

Failed to start GDB server
Failed to start GDB server
Error in initializing ST-LINK device.
Reason: (18) Could not verify ST device! Abort connection.

And if i try to upload code using platform I got this message:

xPack OpenOCD, x86_64 Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00378-ge5be992df (2020-06-26-12:31)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
debug_level: 1

none separate

Warn : UNEXPECTED idcode: 0x2ba01477
Error: expected 1 of 1: 0x1ba01477
in procedure 'program'
** OpenOCD init failed **
shutdown command invoked

*** [upload] Error 1

Could this be related with what you commented?

EDIT: I have been able to solve my problems at platformio adding a line in my platformio.ini but the problem still persist on CubeIDE :frowning:

upload_flags = -c set CPUTAPID 0x2ba01477

I ended up using a nucleo board st-link to upload my code. It recognized it properly. I was able to connect a 103 and 411 and 405 and uploaded by removing the stlink jumpers to redirect it to an external board. The connection is tricky because you need to power up the external board using the 3.3v from the nucleo itself, not from the stlink. I used arduino, but the cube standalone also worked if I uploaded the hex directly pre-built by whatever outside ide you use. This way you are independent from any ide and use cube to directly upload whatever build you want.

Hope I’m helping. Do you need a picture?

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Mi guess is tat the problem that I am suffering is caused after updating the CubeIDE “stuff”, now it detects that my blue pills has chips as not legítims as it could be. Bucouse the problem persists even using a supposed origial STM programmer.

I have been able to solve the issue at platformio adding upload_flags = -c set CPUTAPID 0x2ba01477at the platformio.ini … Does you solution overcomes the problem with chinese cloned STM32 chips?

I am not sure how can I tell if the chip is cloned so it’s difficult to answer. If there is a way to tell let me know I’ll check.

After spending a few hours diving in the STM forum and YouTube I think I have come up with a workaround that fixes the issue :slight_smile: I had to switch fom St-LInk GDB Server to Open ODC and make some minor adustmests and now the issue seems to be solved :slight_smile: Thanks for your offer .

I left a link just in case someone’s get in the same issue.


Thank you very much that was very informative.


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