By change I got a STEVAL-SPIN3202 motor controller board on the Embedded World 2024 in Nürnberg. I didn’t find an Arduino support for this, but because the controller is base on a STM32F031 MCU I just tried to setup a PlatformIO project and selected a Nucleo F031k6.
I’m very happy that I could get the LEDs on this board blinking.
The script might be useful for others to have a quick startup:

#include <Arduino.h>


STEVAL-SPIN3202 LED blink example

Getting started with the STEVAL-SPIN3202 evaluation board, advanced BLDC
controller with embedded STM32 MCU

The STSPIN32F0A motor controller has a build in STM32F031 MCU.

It is possible to use Platform IO, selecting the Nucleo F031K6 board to flash this test program.

Use Platform IO and select board The

13.4.2024 ChrisMicro


#define USER1 7 // LED and button connected to PF0
#define USER2 8 // LED and button connected to PF1

void setup()
pinMode(USER1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(USER2, OUTPUT);

#define DELAYTIME_MS 100
void loop()
digitalWrite(USER1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(USER1, LOW);

digitalWrite(USER2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(USER2, LOW);

You should at the ST-Link in the Platform.ini

; PlatformIO Project Configuration File


; Build options: build flags, source filter

; Upload options: custom upload port, speed and extra flags

; Library options: dependencies, extra library storages

; Advanced options: extra scripting



platform = ststm32

board = nucleo_f031k6

framework = arduino

; added by me CH

debug_tool = stlink

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