Some available drivers

At the moment, all kinds of ICs are hard to find. The hardest seems to be MCUs :frowning:

But also many of the driver ICs favoured by SimpleFOC users seem to be unavailableā€¦

Certainly, I look forward to more of TIs DRV8316 (integrated FETs), and also the AMT49106 (external FETs) looks cool if it ever becomes availableā€¦

In the meantime, the following seem to be obtainable, and also look very cool:

the TMC6140 - 3 phase gate driver
the MP6530 - 3 phase gate driver
and the MP6540HA - 3 phase integrated FETs, 5A, 6-PWM control

If you know of any other available driver ICs suitable for SimpleFOC, feel free to post them here!

And if anyone has any tips where to find MCUs, let us know too! :slight_smile:


Directly from TI, in stock:

DRV8313 is also available for SMT from JLC

The embedded MCUs are slowly coming back, and at a bit lower prices, for SMT at JLC:

Blue pill (STM32F103)

Black pill (STM32F411)

High density Blue Pill clone (GD32F103VGT6):

Raspberry PI

And all the Espressif WiFi MCU modules, those have never been short.

Discrete Half-H Drivers at JLC available for SMT, need external MOSFETS:




Integrated PWM control Half-H MOSFET


Plenty of discrete MOSFETs available for SMT, those never had any shortage though.

Here is a really tiny one I liked a lot, that could be paired with some of the discrete drivers:

KNG3703A, 50A / 30V, in a 3x3mm package, thatā€™s tiny!

BTW, I already created dev P-O-C boards with all of the above, and ordered them, just to see if they work, I believe I posted them in another thread, so Iā€™m not just blowing smoke here.

Good luck to anyone who does this stuff. If anything, the shortage really forced people to get creative.



Seems like PAC5285 is in stock: integrated ARM controller + driver + FETs + 1 amp for current sensing. Any idea how difficult it would be to run SimpleFOC on it?

Qorvo has some very nice chipsā€¦

Problem is that thereā€™s no Arduino framework support for them, and ARM chips can be significantly differentā€¦ STM32, Teensy (Nexperia) and SAMD are all ARM, but each has its own platform for Arduino framework.
So while I assume the chip will have SWD for programming, and the ARM gcc toolchain can probably produce code for it, I assume all the framework and board description files would be missing.
If you can find an Arduino support for it, it would be a great chip to try. Otherwise, Iā€™d take a look at the STSPING4ā€¦ that one is likely to be runnable with the stm32duino platform without too much pain getting it runningā€¦