SimpleFOCShield Schematic - C4 capacitor

first of all many thanks vor your effort. I really appreciate your work.

I hope, this fits here. I didnt want to create a new thread.
However, i came across one thing in the schematic that made me wondering.
You connected the capacitor C4 (220nF) between the bootstrap diodes and ground. The datasheet of the L6234 puts it between bootstrap diodes and Vs instead. Is this a mistake, or am i wrong with that.

Thank you.

And ones again… Great work :slight_smile:

Hey @MrAnderson,

I have gone through the schematic and I cannot seem to find the error.
Screenshot from 2020-10-22 09-17-04

For me C4 seems to be on its spot, but I am not any real expert :smiley:
I’d be happy to update the design and learn from my mistakes!


Hi Antun,

thank you for your reply.
This is a screenshot of the datasheet i found here:

Best regards

It seems that we have to agree to disagree. :smiley:

I will look into this, it is very strange that they have two different schematics for the same board.

I asked the same question to ST`s support. This is what they answered:

Hey @MrAnderson,
Thanks for the info, I’ll make sure to update the schematic!