Simplefoc Studio Motor can’t move


Excusme,i want ask abot simplefoc studio

why when I run simplefoc studio and want to run the motor with jogging control it can’t and the motor can’t run.

then what do I have to do?.

There could be a thousand different things… I was never able to get the studio working at all. I would recommend not using the higher level stuff, just make program after program in arduino to test function and get closer to what you need as you work.

Hi @Angel_without_wings ,

There are some instructions in our documentation, as well as some forum threads you can search and read which contain information on the SimpleFOCStudio.

if you can get it running, its a great tool to tune the motor parameters and monitor what is going on.

See how it goes, but if you’d like us here to help you, you’ll have to be a bit more specific as to what is going wrong, e.g. which steps you have taken and which error message you see…