SimpleFOC SmartDriver v1.0

Fresh off the fab. Small!

This is a MOSFET driver, not a motor driver.

This is one of my lunch break designs.

I’ll test when I get the time.


why didn’t use STSPIN32F0 for smaller size?

The STSPIN32F0 has only 4K RAM, 32K Flash. It is hard to fit SimpleFOC into this MCU.

At that size of the PCB the size is not important. STSPIN32F0 you mention is not in stock, memory too small and many of the pins are not exposed.

Also the size saving is not significant, the chip is not small to begin with.

After you add the resonator and capacitors you end up with the same size.

The heat generated by the drivers when I program the board is not acceptable. I’m not sure what the cause of this heat is. I’m only powering the MCU to flash it with SWD.

This shows the hidden problems of doing virgin design based on specs only.

I’ll check what the source of that overheating is.


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I really want one of those cameras!