SimpleFOC Power Shield-D Beta

Hello all!

After a while, we are announcing a Beta version of the SimpleFOC PowerShield-D.

D stands for [D]iscrete Power Shield, currently designed to work on Arduino UNO footprint pinout.

The shield is sized for 30A peak power. Features:

  1. Overvoltage / ESD protection
  2. Reverse voltage protection.
  3. Buck converter with chained 5V and 3.3V for powering external components as well as the Arduino shield to form a standalone module.
  4. Discrete drivers and MOSFETs
  5. In-line current hall-based sensors with inherent galvanic isolation.
  6. Pinouts current sensing, and pull-downs for I2C and hall sensors.

Demonstration open loop:

Low power 4 pole inrunner (2)

High power E-Bike outrunner

Hoverboard outrunner (1)

I will post later here in the same thread destructive testing as well as test the current sense.

Current sensing looks pretty awesome, nicely centered around 1.15 V on all three channels.

The 30A sensor was out of stock so this test board was fabbed with I believe 20A sensor (or 10A I don’t remember?), this is the waveform on one of the channels for about 1A current. Peak-to-peak is 500mV, offset 1.15V.

This above is the hoverboard motor current sensing. Wow, the current and torque are so high I cannot stop the motor with bare hands. I believe this board would perform best / most efficiently with motors in the hoverboard range of about 1 to 2ohm and PWM of about 15kHz.


Low power gimbal:


High power hoverboard:


When I’m running the E-Bike motor it got very hot so I’ll attach a heatsink, reprogram the frequency down to 15k and re-take the thermal test, I don’t want to destroy the board yet.

@Antun_Skuric and @runger , please follow up.

Most important, the cost to fab this makes it pretty affordable. The shield was designed to be low cost. I believe at the moment the cost is about $15 per board for a small batch.

Stay tuned for destructive testing! I will try to make a video of the board going boom.



Fantastic! I’m assume this will work with Nucleo boards just as easily? Would love to order a couple if you are planning a run.

This is brilliant @Valentine and perfect for my application. I’ll be following along.

I’m currently playing with rewired hoverboard motors and the current shield as an option for a small production run so this is a big step forward :+1:.

Is there any thoughts on timescale until they are likely to be available to buy?

I’ll be looking at sets of 6 to replace the BGs that I’m prototyping with due to the BG not being licensed for production.

Many thanks
Barry M