Simplefoc driver board current detect issue

Hi all,
I am using simplefoc v2.1.1.
H/W is a customized bldc driver board with stm32f103cb.
Driver is TI drv8313PWP, phase Current OPA is INA240A2.

The problem I met is current log is not correct, when I blocked the motor or motor went into targeted angle, the Iq and Id is random. So, I used the scope to detect the INA240A2 output when then motor went to targeted angle, log shown below:

U2, U3 INA240A2 pin 8 output

Current sensor Sch shown as below

UART log shown as below

does anyone could comment on the inline phase current sample Res (0.01 Ω) output waveform ?

bug found, it’s caused by INA240A2, it’s broken.
The current is not correct, it should look like this.
(Set the oscilloscope to AC coupling before testing)

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I’m glad you found this, because it was confusing me!! Hope you can find a replacement easily.