SimpleFOC Coasting?

Hi there, I’m working on a board based on the DRV8323RS, supposed to run a BLDC motor at about 48v nominal and 15A. This is for a light EV, similar to the one that @Valentine posted about a year ago. I was wondering if SimpleFOC has any provisions for coasting and the like?

I’ve read through the Regenerative Braking thread that was posted here, and I saw a potential solution in completely turning off the control and letting the MOSFETs into Hi-Z. Would it be a problem if a loop was made to have the MCU send a signal to the DRV to put the MOSFETs in Hi-Z, and then if the input isn’t 0, SimpleFOC kicks in? I’m using hall effect sensors for positioning.

Thank you!


0 torque target in foc_current mode is not enough coasting for you ?

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Upon further reading, yes that is quite enough :grinning:

I even read that in the original thread, but it slipped my mind :frowning: Thank you for the quick reply! and apologies for the question

No worries.
Maybe Valentine can confirm if that’s what he was doing, or if he was disabling the driver for saving even more energy.

It’s been a while, but iirc if you put them in high-z you should be able to coast.


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