Simple FOC with DRV8301

Hello! First of all thank you so much if you can answer to this question. Has anyone ever used this repository? —> GitHub - simplefoc/Arduino_SimpleFOC_DRV8301_Support_Library: Arduino DRV8301 library support for SimpleFOC, it also can use alone without SimpleFOC library

File which i am using → simplefoc_vesc6_3pwm_openloop_speed_control_test (its located in the example folder)

i want to use the 3 PWM leg “operation”. (i am not excatly sure if i can use the 6 pwm mode because in the arduino uno 2 of the dedicated PWM legs are SPI legs too.)

I set the SPI legs and the 3 PWM legs too in a correct way (its not a complicated thing) but still the motor is not moving when i adjust the “target_velocity” via series port.

Because its an “openloop” operation i dont need feedback.

i am using DRV8301 and arduino uno. Are there any “small” thing which i have to do to make it work?

I suspect you are missing a ‘small thing’ as you say.

Is it doing anything? Making a buzz/shake? If not then I suspect the driver is not enabled (have you pulled EN_GATE high) or not receiving enough voltage (think it needs more than 6V).

Any chance of describing your setup a bit more? Which DRV8301 board are you using? Can you post a photo of uno 2 + board with how you setup the wires and how you are powering it