Selecting a simplefoc board for the flycat 5010 motor

A complete newbie here i’m trying to control a bldc motor for the quadruped dog. I want to make the board as simple and cheaper as possible. It would be really helpful if any of you help be find a open source board that i can make at home. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you

I’m guessing that motor is about a 3000rpm motor, are you planning to put some gearing on it. I think most robot actuators are a tenth of that speed.

What voltage / current are you expecting? 24V and 10A?

Thank you for replying im trying to replicate the capstan drive like in the stanley quadruped robot if you could suggest me some controller for that motor it would be really helpful also im from india i dont have that much controller available here and i’m planning on assembling a open source. It would be really helpful if you could suggest me one

Hi can you suggest me something

I’m not sure what people are recommending for 24v 10+a drives. There are plenty of boards that people have designed but I’m not sure which I’d say are fully tested. Are you prepared to use something like jlcpcb to print some semi tested boards e.g 5 boards for $150?

If you just want to play (and don’t need too much torque), i imagine you could turn this with a 2A driver running with super low voltage limit. Do you know what the phase resistance is of the motor?

You can also look at the B-G431B-ESC1 but it is too fiddly for my liking and has limited options for sensors.

Yeah i’m gonna go with jlcpcb . i Just wanna test stuffs with it like how much torque it can produce. i need a controller for that, is mit mini cheetah recommendable?