RP2040 overclocking possible with simpleFOC

I’ve seen that I can overclock the RPI pico to double and even tripple speed from within Arduino IDE, but I was wondering if that has unsolvable consequences on sFOC?
SPI, I2C, PWM timing should be unchanged, right? AFAIK they only change the main clock divider…

You’ll have to try it out :slight_smile: the SimpleFOC code should work fine, but can’t say for the other libraries you mentioned…

Wouldn’t overclocking change the PWM frequencies and time functions?

I’m not familiar with RP2040, just wondering.


It would, but the PWM code takes the MCU frequency into account, so you should get the configured PWM frequency regardless of the MCUs frequency…

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There is also an option (in micropython) to run the code from RAM
pico_set_binary_type(blink no_flash) blink is the program name.

I wonder if that would reduce main loop time and lookup-table access?

Another fun read

as it turns out, RP2040 makes for a fantastic overclocking platform 
capable of reaching 1GHz, even outperforming the original Raspberry Pis.
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