RLS - Incremental rotary encoders


Anyone tested something from RLS Incremental rotary encoders family? and is it something that works with simple foc?

RLS - Incremental rotary encoders

I would like to test them because of the hollow shaft capability but I feel a bit unsure of what to choose, maybe someone has some time left over and can help me choose what suits simple foc best of these encoders. I see that it’s possible to create a configuration and share it.

Thanks in advance and have a great day :slight_smile:

Read the datasheet of SpinCo, it seems to have 5V ABZ quadrature signals. This is definitely compatible with SimpleFOC.


Thanks for your reply, I will order and give it a try. What options should I pick? I’m not good at this so all information is welcome so I learn about it. I understand the ABZ signals are supported but AS and IC I have no clue. Maybe you can point me in correct direction :slight_smile:

  • AS - Analogue voltage 1 Vpp, wide reference, 5 V
  • IC - Incremental, RS422; 5 V

What about this setup (shared config): SpinCo Incremental Magnetic Encoder System