Ripping apart daughterboard

Hi all,

firstly i want to say that i am a total beginner…and maybe i am asking a stupid question here but I am wondering if anyone already ripped off the daughterboard from the esc and later could use it again for programming the esc again by soldering wires for example?

Hi Tuganconti,

Which ESC are you talking about? The B-G431-ESC1?

If by ripping off you mean carefully cutting, then yes, you can later program the ESC by soldering wires to the very tiny pads. You’ll have to solder at least 4 wires for VDD, GND, and the two for SWD.

I think it won’t exactly make the ESC easier to use, so I’d wait as long as possible before separating them.

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There are only two pads on the daughterboard side which i asume 1 is SWDIO, and 2 is SWCLK in the manual it says that on the bottom side there is > NRST, +10V,+5V, 5V_ESC, GND which i assume is NRST–>A , +10V–>B, +5V–C, 5V_ESC–>D, GND–> E ??

Yeah, it’s not the easiest board to use due to the tiny size of all the connections.

By measuring voltage I think you can find the VDD pin and then the order of the pins should be clear.

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I have done this myself and successfully ripped off the daughter card and then resoldered the connections to program the board. In my experience the only reason to remove the daughter card is space concerns. Everything will work on the board with the daughter card attached.

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