Power Module 50A

I’ve been researching MOSFETs and came across a very interesting design, where the entire MOSFET is clad with metal and part of the drain, which means you could literally solder the tops to a rail.

My test case is aptly named Cannonball. I’m sharing it here, if anyone wants a plug-in 3-phase module, you could use it as a mezzanine on any BLDC board design and save yourself the other layers for signals or whatever. Some soldering required. The cost of one module is about $8, excluding shipping.

Dimensions are 20 x 35 mm. Individual MOSFETs are rated at 300A, however you are limited by the copper to about 50A on the entire board before you smoke the solder.

I will fabricate and post results whenever I get the time. Link to design at the bottom.



You have to now design controller board for it either using ESP32 or BluePill. Come on, make it happen.


I did, check this post out

The idea is, you could combine the two on a custom board with your own external components, for people who want pre-built blocks, like a lego.

One shortcoming, only 12V max.

If I got time in the future I could standardize and create footprints and you could drop different components depending on what voltage or power you want, but that’s more of a fantasy now, I’ve got other stings to do.

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