Power for Simple FOC Shield via 12v input on UNO

Howdy Powermasters! I am curious if by powering the UNO with a 12v power psu, will the Shield get adequate current. Just started my setup and power gets to the motor but I am not sure if this way is safe longterm. I can easily hook power up the Shield directly but since the 12v is already powering the UNO it would be a nice setup. Thanks.

I think the 12V from the UNO is regulated down before it is exposed anywhere on the board, including the headers. The Vin pin is used for supplying already-regulated power to the board.
You say it is already working. What voltage is the motor supply? Are you using the 5V?

TLDR: I think you need to supply motor power to the shield in addition.

Thanks. Will measure and report later.

I was basing my claims off this (from Arduino’s site). maybe there are bootleg arduino uno which have the barrel jack power on a header?

It did pass 10.16 volts but i decided to to hook-up directly.

the more you know!
it must come via Vin pin