PoE powered BLDC driver

Hello community,

I’m looking for PoE powered simple foc bldc motor developer or existing board.
The usecase is a small rotating device, with max 1A power consumtion and running entirely from CAT5 cable with ethernet data communcation and PoE powered.

These are the needs:

  • small bldc motor driver under 2A,
  • 0,01 degre magnetic encoder
  • ethernet interface with CAT5 connector
  • PoE powered

I need a batch of boards like 30pcs fully assembled, tested. The size of the boards is circular and max 100mm diam.



Hello, thank you for the interesting use case. Such a board currently doesn’t exist, and will need to be designed. Let’s see if others can offer any help first. I might be able to help you, however, would rather see if anyone offers help first.


Hi @eduard

As fas as i know there is none in this forum who has developed a driver for BLDC motors with ethernet data communication and powered by PoE.

For achieving your goal you can develop a board tailored to your requirements by adding a chip like WIZNET W5500 that is well supported by Arduino libraries.

Here in this link you have an example of how to use W5500 with PoE capabilities. You should mix/adapts this design with other boards able to drive BLDC motors using SimpleFoc library.

I think there was someone on the discord who was working on a board with this W5500… it may be worth joining there to look.

Thanks, I’ll look at.

Thanks Valentine for your reply. So this is a paid project. Can we drive in both directions, I’ll design the board and ask for the fw, it would be better to be in one hand the design and the fw as well.

The driver board with PoE needs two chips, one to control the PoE, another to control the motor. I have done this before, and can help you only with the board design. The two MCUs need to talk to each other.

If you design the board, then perhaps someone else can help you with the firmware, since I don’t have the time to do that. Also, please be aware my help with the board design may be too expensive, please PM me for details.


Hi there, yes, that’s me.

I am still not done with the final version but the prototype is pretty promising.

Let me know you still need that POE Solution. Maybe I can help you out.

Hello Pete, yes, it was definetly your board.

I need PoE, I can comfirm that :slight_smile: And a whole “ecosystem” on a comapct board, but first one working solution with PoE.