Open Source Firmware for MKS SERVO42C?

Is it - in theory - possible to create a custom firmware for the SERVO42C boards, based on SimpleFOC? We have some trouble with MKS providing faulty firmware and expecting us to buy new hardware for each iteration. The board is based on a HC32L130F8UA Cortex M0+ chip, the firmware, that comes with it is encrypted. For further details see also: Discord


You can find the schematic on GitHub, I think that, in theory, you should be able to make it compatible with SimpleFOC but I can’t guarantee that it will be without frustration.

Good luck.

Carelsbergh Stijn

Hey @DrBill ,

Can’t access your Discord link, I’m afraid.

As for the MCU, there doesn’t seem to be much information about it.
If there is an Arduino environment and board description for this hardware, then you could compile for it, and assuming the MCU isn’t in some kind of “locked down” mode, re-flash it with SimpleFOC.

Since a quick search of the Internet didn’t really uncover any Arduino support for this chip, I suspect it will be impossible, unless you want to create the Arduino support along the way.

That’s what I meant to say with