Odrive v3.6 + Arduino IDE + Serial Monitor

Hello all,
I recently purchased an o-drive v3.6 and need assistance in configuring the serial monitor for the data coming from the o-drive. Here is the link to the odrive v3.6.
I was able to compile and upload the code using an ST link but I’m not sure on how to print data to the serial monitor for debugging.
The o-drive comes with an usb port which I tried connecting, with no luck of it being detected as a port in the device manager. Can someone kindly point out what should be done differently.

arduino ide setup for reference:

Try the Zadig utility linked from this page odrivetool — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation
If I remember right, that was what finally got it to show up as a COM port in device manager for me. Although I can’t remember which driver ended up being the right one.


How is this USB port connected on the hardware? Is it connected to the STM32 chip, or is it just for providing power? Or is it connected to a serial converter chip, maybe?

If its connected directly to the STM32, then the settings you show are actually correct - CDC supersedes UART means you should be able to use the USB serial on the “Serial” object in Arduino.
Did you open it with Serial.begin() ?

I’m not sure what actually happened but when I disconnected and reconnected the usb port to my computer and the usb port showed up as a virtual COM port. Thanks for your quick responses dekutree64 and runger.
I noticed that the st-link had to be connected for the virtual com port to show, is that how it usually is?

No, I’ve never hooked an ST-link to mine. I use it with the official firmware.

I can’t say what’s usual for ODrive but it sounds like the virtual com port you’re seeing is the one from the STLink. The STLink integrates a VCP, which is different from the one you can activate on the STM32s USB port…