Odrive Micro STM32H725

  • 10-30V Operation (32V max)

  • Up to 3.5A continuous, 7A peak current

  • Control over CAN

  • CAN 2.0B @ 1Mbps with simple protocol (CAN-FD Firmware Coming Soon)

  • On-board magnetic encoder: MA702

    • High quality encoder magnet available here. Recommended gap to top of IC package: 1mm
  • Supports offboard quadrature, hall, and SPI encoders.

  • Incremental encoders and hall sensors have on-board input filters

  • Daisy-chainable CAN connectors for easy wiring

The only issue is the $99 price, but that may be OK for some

Presumably a SimpleFOC port is possible?


I think SimpleFOC doesn’t have a current sense driver for STM32H7, but it shouldn’t be very complicated to adapt existing ones.

That’s interesting:

I am wondering what they are up to from software point of view.

Expensive, but I expect really well engineered. I wonder why a h7, seems overkill - I guess it would be useful for high speed motors.

It seems like they might be willing to provide a schematic, I’ll update if they do

As far as I know they are not open source any more since some times ago… but it would be nice if to see the schematic if it is available :slight_smile:

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This is really awesome, I think this is one of the only boards in this size which can do closed-loop on NEMA 14 stepper motors (other than the one I have been working on :smiley: ) They can charge whatever they like because there is nobody else making boards like this.

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I would never buy that, the next generation lepton type board is clearly going to be superior and far cheaper, partly because it’s open source. I’m not going to buy some overpriced black box for $100 USD. We should learn from them though, what’s this about input filters? Should we have an input filter? Nobody seems to ever mention needing one. Maybe in an electrically noisy environment. We could just leave space on the PCB so you can add one if you need one.

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