Need help regarding pre-driver for DRV8353

I am going to design the drv8353 driver for bldc with foc control and this ic needs a 6 pwm signal as a input . I need a help regarding DRV8353.
1: Which pre-driver i will used for handeling 6 phases of drv8353 and those pre-driver have a functionality of taking one pwm signal as a input and provide a 6 phase output with dead time.
2: That ic is not programmable and have a plug and play features.
3: Pre-driver also based on foc.
4: if anyone have a code of drv8353 with proper deadtime and foc control please share with me.

The DRV8353 is a gate driver, so you don’t need a pre-driver (it is the pre driver). It’s meant as the interface between the microcontroller and the MOSFETs.

  • If you want to provide 1PWM and get 6PWM output, you can’t use the simpleFOC library. Actually, the DRV8353 also supports this type of input. Did you read the datasheet?
  • What do you mean pre-driver based on FOC? If you want to use the simpleFOC library, you need to do the FOC on the microcontroller , otherwise there are many FOC-based BLDC drivers that you can buy.

I believe @Hassan_Raza wants to design a servo-like board, where he inputs PWM to control the RPM. Which means, he needs to get a generic MCU such as STM32F103, use SimpleFOC for 6PWM in a closed or open loop and write an outer loop to take one PWM to control the RPM.

In this case, I’m not sure why it has to be exactly DRV8353, it could be any other integrated driver.

However, DRV8353 has 1xPWM trapezoid control using internal commutation algorithm. In this case, @Hassan_Raza is a little confused and needs to spend a little time reading up theory because 1xPWM for DRV8353 doesn’t need SimpleFOC. The downside is trapezoid control is ineffective and requires a different PCB / wiring setup/layout.


OK thanks for your kind response . I will cheak the datasheet then inform you accordingly.

@Valentine @VIPQualityPost can you please suggest me the driver for BLDC with built in FOC. i need a driver with these specs that i will plug and play without any code and that driver give me the 6 output phases with deadtime etc.


On a chip level, you could take a look at the products of Trinamics. They have various ICs with built-in FOC.

More usually, ready to use FOC drives are available in the form of finished products including power supply, control inputs, etc. Such products can be found in industrial applications, and are typically quite expensive.

SimpleFOC is really for people who want to make their own solutions, so you may find more useful advice on the forums of the producers, or in forums targeting industrial automation and similar topics.


@runger I am going to design the motor driver for BLDC motor that can run at 48V AND 400A. Suggest me the suitable motor driver with FOC control.

Wow, 48V and 400A is almost 20kW - you can power a small EV from that.

I think you should begin with the design of your inverter stage, I think it will be a significant challenge to handle 400A. The choice of switching elements will probably determine the type of driver you need to convert logic level signals to do the power switching.

Switching 400A and dealing with the resulting flyback voltages, ringing, etc, perhaps adding isolation and respecting the electrical norms for these kind of power levels will presumably need some careful design. I’d certainly be interested in seeing it if you care to share.

Following from that you can select a pre-driver / FOC chip / MCU + software to do the actual FOC control.

@Hassan_Raza you need to be a seriously experienced hardware engineer to design a 48v 400Amp board. Whilst an amateur could “have a go”, they should be aware that very bad things could happen to the board, motor or themselves when they inevitably make mistakes. The guy behind vesc (benjamin vedder) can safely design boards like this but they are not cheap:

Do you really need all that power? That is 10x more than an eBike motor.

@Owen_Williams I am going to design the controller of electric tractor which requires 400A Peak current so thats why i am chosing this.

Thanks for kind response but initially i am stuck on the driver side however, my bridge is ready to use and it will bear the 400A current . I am open for driver recommendation.

Hey, an electric tractor sounds like a cool project!

Can I ask what type of switching elements your inverter design is using? What kind of inputs will you need to control it? Different switch types - e.g. FETs, GaN FETs, IGBTs need different kinds of drivers…

A product like this one:

is a pure motion control IC, with logic level PWM outputs. It can do FOC, and can be used to control a 6-PWM gate driver like the DRV8353.

However, it’s a very complicated chip, so its probably a good idea to get some kind of training from Analog Devices and talk to their engineers to see if it will work for your application.

I am using mosfet module SOT type having rating of 100V,400A.