My IFX007T driver board

Hi, a few weeks ago I made a driver board based on the IFX007T.

Here’s a quick video of me taking it for a spin:

(this is just with a 2A 12v power supply)

Here is the schematic, PCB and 3d model for the test mount:

And this is the project that I’ve flashed to the board:

Note: I’m not an electrical engineer (I’m a software developer) - this was just put together from datasheets.

This is my first PCB with SMD components - I ordered the PCB and stencil, and got a $30 hot air gun from aliexpress. I was surprised that my first revision worked!

I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this driver - the IFX007T seems to be out of stock everywhere. The BTN8982 doesn’t seem much better, and is a lot more expensive.


Very nice project :slight_smile: Could you tell which engine you are using?

Thanks. It’s a Gartt ML 5010

I think it has a bit of cogging - in the video you can hear that in some positions it has to put in a bit of effort to keep it at that spot.